Sunday, April 15, 2018

Project CARS 2: The Ferrari 488 Challenge

The recent update on the Project CARS 2 game gave us a new racing Ferrari in our stable called the Ferrari 488 Challenge but before explaining the latest vehicle ever to emerge from Ferrari's answer to the Lamborghini Super Trofeo racing series, just what is the Ferrari Challenge?


Since its establishment in 1993, the Ferrari Challenge is an FIA-approved one-make race series where Ferrari dealerships and distributors from across the globe compete in three different categories such as the Trofeo Pirelli, Trofeo Pirelli Am, and Coppa Shell. For the year 2017, they are using Challenge-spec Ferrari 488s for this one-make race series, which is the first Ferrari Challenge machine to have a turbocharged engine producing 670HP of power from the V8 3.9L engine sourced from the 488 GTB, making it the most powerful car in the Challenge history. To differentiate it from the normal 488, it's been given race-derived aerodynamics that stays true to its design. They've improved the front radiator layout which is now inclined towards the rear, resulting to better air flow over the radiators in racing conditions whilst reducing drag. This new layout requires new vents below the bumper ahead of the wheels.

488 488

The Ferrari Challenge has three series such as Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific. Project CARS 2 got not one but three 488 Challenge machines as provided from their respective series and while they boast the same performances, their liveries vary from each region. I went for the one used in the Asia-Pacific series because of that interesting livery that got me noticed because one of them used in the Ferrari Challenge Asia-Pacific series is a Filipino. Yes, I can tell why one of them is from the Philippines is because of the suspicious-looking logo which came from a hotel chain Victoria Court, the Philippine flag, and the name of the team that used it which is none other than the official Ferrari distributor of the Philippines, Autostrada Motore. Wish I want to talk more but since this is a Bandai Namco game, I've gone for the one used by the Rosso Scuderia Tokyo dealership and the venue I just pick for my run with the 488 Challenge is none other than Long Beach.

488 488 488 488

I never thought that the streets of Long Beach felt so alive right now in the weekends. We have the IMSA and the IndyCar that spices this Californian port city with vigor and now, here I am, trying out the Ferrari 488 Challenge round the city center to see what is like. I once tried the GT3 variant of the 488 but the Challenge spec is far more different because while it's got more power and faster than the GT3 version, it's slightly heavier and you can slightly tell the difference when you handle them both. However, despite bearing different aerodynamics and performance, they're still a blast to drive and driving the 488 Challenge on Project CARS 2 is a stepping stone to introduce players the latest generation of the Ferrari Challenge machines. Speaking of which, would you like to see how I did with it?

488 488 488 488

The Ferrari Challenge maybe only reserved for official Ferrari dealerships and distributors worldwide but with Project CARS 2, you can sample what is like to be part of Ferrari's one-make race series with the 488 Challenge. With practice, you can get your hopes up that one day, your nearby Ferrari dealer will enlist you to be part of the team and the next thing we hope for is to see the world's best Ferrari Challenge drivers compete around the globe in unity. While it sounds irrational, an introduction to Ferrari's one-make race series with Project CARS 2 makes it worth a shot to understand how the 488 Challenge works. The more you know.

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