Monday, May 7, 2018

2018 NASCAR Monster Energy Cup - AAA 400 Drive for Autism

Delaware's Dover International Speedway, home of the colossal Miles the Monster statue and the battleground for the 2018 NASCAR Monster Energy Cup's AAA 400 Drive for Autism race where these titans of oval racing clashing each other for the monster of a race every American race fan wouldn't miss.

As Kevin Harvick nailed some stage wins in this race, here's what happened so far. In Lap 271, Kyle Busch's car if facing some mechanical problems and as it turned out, the drive shaft's gone. In Lap 320, the weather's turned rainy and the cars are on an immediate pause until the rain passed and with 75 laps left in the race, the race goes smoothly.

With no classic NASCAR collisions in sight, despite the weather, it turned out to be a very smooth run and after the race, Kevin Harvick sealed his 41st career win.

Next race is at Kansas Speedway for the KC Masterpiece 400 this 12th of May.

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