Thursday, May 24, 2018


The Aikatsu! Photo on Stage! app game will end its service on July 2018, and while some of you are feeling very sad to see your favorite Aikatsu app game nearing its end, the folks from Lantis provided one last hurrah before saying goodbye to Photokatsu for good in the finale of the AIKATSU SCRAPBOOK CD range.


Titled AIKATSU SCRAPBOOK SP, the girls from STAR☆ANIS and AIKATSU☆STARS! are giving it all to say goodbye to Photokatsu with their last songs from the app game, one of them has a special guest awaiting listeners but you get the point after spending several hours playing Photokatsu while preparing for its imminent demise this summer.

It's a shame that the fans of the Aikatsu franchise will wave goodbye to the official app game that brings most of the characters from the franchise, although it's hard why they want to end it without welcoming the Aikatsu Friends content with open arms. Nobody knows either but anyway, this SCRAPBOOK installment makes the perfect parting gift from the girls of STAR☆ANIS and AIKATSU☆STARS! and even though Photokatsu ends, their memories will always be there forever.

Thank you, Photokatsu!

2.Sunny Day Little Sunday
3.禁断 Hide & Seek
6.We are STARS!!!!!
7.トキメキアンテナ(off vocal)
8.Sunny Day Little Sunday(off vocal)
9.禁断 Hide & Seek(off vocal)
10.コズミック・ストレンジャー(off vocal)
11.月夜のラグタイム(off vocal)
12.We are STARS!!!!!(off vocal)

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