Thursday, May 17, 2018

Forza Motorsport 7: Indy Jaws

Having Indy hangovers, I went back to the racing capital of the world, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and drive cars that possess the same potential as IndyCars of today. From Chevrolet side, I summoned the Corvette Z06, and on Honda/Acura side, I summoned the NSX. Both these sportscars possess some motorsport pedigree it delivers and while these cars are a direct representation of the past and the present, well, that's what I'm here to find out.

I am already familiar with the Corvette C7 Z06 since me and the car first met with some untapped impressions that got me away with it. Although it's now a middle child of the range, its supercharged V8 engine is too much to ignore as well as C7.R-inspired aerodynamics, making it a race car built for the road and track, a best for both worlds. True to my experience, the Corvette C7 Z06 is the kind of car you won't get out until you're fully satisfied with its performance but even if you're happy with it, you still want to keep driving with this Corvette for more.

As a representation of today's world, the NSX hybrid supercar is a very clever masterpiece that shouldn't be overlooked upon. Although it's not as fast as its Euro rivals but such performance and intelligence really made this hybrid worth enjoyable to drive non-stop and while this is all's fair in love and war, the NSX is all about shuffling drivers with its own whim of stroke. Like the original, the NSX really is the king of Hondas, leaving the Civic Type R its own prince and such hierarchy is what made Honda a favorite among speedo boys worldwide.

Chevrolet and Honda have always been longtime rivals in the world of IndyCar, the two opposite sides of the same coin, a little reminiscent of the time the Japanese blown Pearl Harbor and start the war and ended with the Americans dropped a big bomb to Hiroshima. With its road-going equivalents deployed, the American-Japanese rivalry rages on the track and like all good IndyCar drivers, it's not just about impressing their bosses after the race, it's about how good a Chevy or Honda-powered one can do and for the Corvette and the NSX, we're now on a different kind of ballgame.

Ball game aside, it's time to see with the help of these road-going equivalents, it's time to see how the rivalry between Chevrolet and Honda payed off with a quick lap round the GP portion of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Time to show the world how these cars can do and which one packs the hardest bite out of their Indy jaws.

With their laps done, it's time to see the results...

C7 Z06 - 1:35.064
NSX NC1 - 1:35.831

By such result, seems that the gap between the past and the present are a .8 of a second apart and because this is an American motorsport, Chevrolet packs the biggest bite than Honda. Homegrown advantage, huh? I'm not surprised by this. I mean come on, this new NSX is made in the USA but in the end, the American has beaten the Asian-American by such margin. Man, I'm going to be in a lot of trouble for this.

The Corvette and the NSX are representatives of longtime rivals in the world of IndyCar and no matter the result, this different kind of American-Japanese war will go on and with a plethora of world-class drivers in store, choosing the side between the Americans and the Japanese is all about playing Game of the Generals.

Of course, I still had my Indy hangovers after this run but like all good heroes and icons, I'll be back and looks like I'll be bringing my snacks for the biggest race ever to happened in the final week of this month. Are you excited for Indy 500? Me too.

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