Wednesday, May 16, 2018

GT SPORT: That Bushido feeling

Like all good samurais in the pasts, even a hi-powered JDM car must respect the way of the Bushido and they live to fight for their honor and dignity, no matter how rough it can be. What I have here today are two of the most high-powered sportscars ever to emerged from the Land of the Rising Sun.


These are the cars in question; the V8-powered Lexus RC F and the hardcore Nissan GT-R NISMO, and today in GT SPORT, I'm going to drive them both to see which one has that Bushido feeling. But first, let's begin with Godzilla.


When I first tried the GT-R NISMO in the previous installment, I have strong belief that it's ready to take on the world because it is the pride of Nissan. However, due to the advancement of today's sportscars, feels like its days are numbered. Now, the GT-R NISMO's back in its updated version and although its 600PS VR38DETT V6 Twin Turbo engine remains unchanged, it now features turbines sourced from its GT3 racing machine as well as other improvements to make it more responsive and apart from the engine, it has structural adhesives to make it more tougher. Plus, the addition of a rear wing and a front under spoiler and bumper with canard shaped fins allows this car to produce more downforce than the standard GT-R at high speeds. There's so much more to explain about the improved version of the GT-R NISMO but let's leave it here.


Like a Family Guy joke, the RC F is basically a mirage when you see cars like the BMW M4 because it's easy to be ridiculed by such performance. That said, while it has more than the M4, the RC F cannot possibly outgun the M4 in such purposes because while the M4's turbocharged, the RC F is stuck with the old-fashioned, naturally aspirated 5.0L V8 engine mated to an 8-speed AT. It maybe as old-school as an 80's rock band and it maybe as terrifying to handle as an American muscle car but for purity, it almost never fails to impress drivers looking for such a sportscar that tickle their fancies. Yes, the 8-speed AT is a bit of an issue but it's still a purist's Lexus by a long shot and while it was not made to make fast lap times, the RC F is all about bringing smiles to drivers setting foot on it. Such honorable it is but now it's time to check how are these cars are doing with a trip round Tsukuba.


In true F spirit, the RC F really is out of character for a Lexus and while all good Lexuses are made for trips to the country club, this isn't because the RC F is all about brute force only a brave young man can handle due to its dynamic character it possesses. When you try to squeeze this car round the corner, that ferocious firepower really kicks the drivers hard like drinking a whole bottle of Red Horse Beer. It really is like Visual Kei with a dab of Heavy Metal and although unforgiving, it's worth addicting to drive.

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The GT-R NISMO maybe as serious as a stern Dietman but as an all-rounder that was made to set fast laps, it takes a little effort to push its pace to get the most out of this hardcore GT-R. Although fast on the straights, it sometimes has the tendency to understeer, even with the traction control off, but it takes time to getting used to its mild and tangy dynamics.

Anyway, after some sighting laps, I decided to find out which one is the best with some proper timed laps and with that, roll the tape.

And now, the results...
GT-R NISMO - 1:03:630
RC F - 1:06.817

A near three-second gap showcases a clear difference between a serious car that is serious enough to do quick laps and a bewildering car that wants to enslave the driver to have some more until they had enough and the serious one wins, although I had high respects about the RC F enslaving drivers to never stop driving until it calls it quits.


Cars like these do live with the code of honor and like the way of the samurai, the GT-R NISMO and the RC F never lost their Bushido ways but after a trip to Tsukuba, turns out that Godzilla has the Bushido it deserves because it really is one of the most respected cars of all time. Sure, the GT-R is now on its twilight years but as long as this car keeps on fighting, it will keep on fighting until its last drop of petrol.

I believe most of you live by the code of honor so you better keep playing GT SPORT some more and by the time you're back for more Sport Mode, let's see how much Bushido coursing within you. If you live by the code of honor like the way of the samurai, prove it. See you again.

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