Friday, May 25, 2018

Kamen Rider Amazons: Saigo no Shinpan

What was once an experimental accident that plunged thousands of human beings, now turned into a brutal survival of the fittest scenario as fans of the Prime Video original series, Kamen Rider Amazons, will witness how it all end in the film titled Saigo no Shinpan.

Kamen Rider Amazons: Saigo no Shinpan

Set after the dramatic events of the second season of the Prime Video original series based on TOEI's hit tokusatsu franchise, Saigo no Shinpan (Final Judgment) is the fitting end of the Amazons saga as the main characters, Jin and Haruka, engage on one last bloodbath as Amazon Alpha and Amazon Omega. Yes, this film really is a bloodbath like fans saw from the Prime Video original series because of the intense and brutal action you'd expect from the Amazons saga.

The Amazons saga shows that this is not your little boy's Kamen Rider as seen on TV for several years because of the added horror and violence unprecedented by Rider standards but despite its terrifying elements in the Amazons saga, all the classic Rider moments are still there, meaning it works pretty much like everything from the Kamen Rider franchise and this movie shows just how mad the saga is from start to finish, whatever lays ahead.

It may not fit to be family-oriented compared to Rider installments but the added thrills really made this film why the Amazons saga is in a different league compared to them and such insanity deserves to be noticed.

My rating: 3.6 out of 5.

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