Monday, May 21, 2018

Let's Do The News! (May 21, 2018)

- The political opposition called "Resistance Coalition" will field at least six senatorial candidates for the 2019 election. This was announced by Liberal Party leader Senator Francis Pangilinan.

- Outgoing Senate President Koko Pimentel denied that he is asking his colleagues to allow him to keep his position longer. Pimentel issued the statement amid reports that he supposedly requested to stay on as Senate leader until October 18, before he files his certificate of candidacy for the May, 2019 elections.

- Around 1,000 families of soldiers and policemen can live in affordable houses in Negros Occidental by 2020 under a new government project.

- Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro won a new six-year term but his opposition disavowed the election alleging massive irregularities in a process critics decried as a farce propping up a dictatorship. The vote could trigger additional sanctions from the United States and more censure from the European Union and Latin America.

- Two days after a gunman stormed a high school in Santa Fe, Texas, killing ten people, Texas mourners endure grief that "none of us can comprehend" as congregations gathered for their first services since the incident.

- Kami Rita, the Sherpa climbing guide who scaled Mount Everest for the 22nd time last week, returned from the mountain on Sunday and said he's planning his next trip.

- Hawaii's Kilauea volcano has gotten more hazardous, sending rivers of molten rock pouring into the ocean Sunday and launching lava skyward that caused the first major injury. The volcano began erupting more than two weeks ago and has burned dozens of homes, forced thousands of people to flee and shot up ash clouds from its summit that led officials to distribute face masks.

- Actress, singer, and dancer Yukiji Asaoka passed away at the age of 82.

- Subaru began accepting pre-orders of the new Forester as the new model will have a choice of a 2.5L petrol engine and the new 2.0L e-Boxer Hybrid variant, all mated with a CVT. Sales will start this summer.

- Check out the list of winners from this year's Billboard Music Awards.


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