Saturday, May 5, 2018

MNL48 teams assembled

With the MNL48 all set last week with Sheki as the center girl, just as we thought that it's finally over now that the Philippine sister group of AKB48 is all set, we were very wrong because this week is all about assembling teams by Teams MII, NIV, and L, and the endgame is where the girls will get to pick who's their overall Group Captain.

During the course of this so-called "Team Captain Election", there has been a departure of Kenkyuusei members as recently appointed Kenkyuusei members such as Ann, Celine, Nix, Reiko, Reina, and Kana. With six Kenkyuusei members bid the MNL48 farewell, the remaining members get to pick who's their captain. By AKS standards, members vote for who will be their captain and after the votes tallied, the one with the highest votes has a choice whether to accept the responsibility of being the team captain.

Complicating the agreement maybe, the members who voted by the girls as team captains managed to rise up to their new challenge. For the Kenkyuusei, they named Arol as their team captain.

Anyway, let's get to know who are the members of Team MII, NIV, and L. Those highlighted in bold are named Captain.

MII: Alice, Cess, Dana, Erica, Essel, Faith, Jan, Mai, Necca, Nice, Sayaka, Sha, Shaina, Sheki, Trixie, and Van.

NIV: Abby, Aly, Alyssa, Belle, Brei, Daryll, Ecka, Ella, Hazel, Jaydee, Jem, Joyce, Lara, Madie, Ruth, and Zen.

L: Ash, Dian, Gabb, Gia, Grace, Jewel, Kay, Kyla, Lei, Mari, Princess, Quincy, Sela, Shaina, Thea, and Tin.

So, Alice is named Team MII captain. Ecka as Team NIV captain, and Kay as Team L captain. Question is who is the overall Group Captain, the one in charge of all three teams? The answer is, after nailing a landslide win and accepted the terms, it was Alice who assumed responsibility as Group Captain.

Now that the teams are assembled, what's next in store for the newly reformed MNL48 and what was become for the remaining Kenkyuusei? Keep watching MNL48 online updates Mondays to Saturdays for more.

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