Thursday, May 24, 2018

PERSONA3 Dancing Moon Night & PERSONA5 Dancing Star Night

A few years ago, ATLUS' Persona RPG franchise went to a different side of the moon with PERSONA4 Dancing All Night where the Investigation Team went to a new kind of Persona adventure and it involves dancing their way to the greatest hits and remixes as heard from the world of P4. So, the question now is with the Investigation Team had their fun, are the S.E.E.S. and The Phantom Thieves joining the fun as well? Yes, they can!

PERSONA3 Dancing Moon Night (PS4)
PERSONA5 Dancing Star Night (PS4)

Drop your weapons and step into your dancing shoes because two new additions to the Persona Dance spinoffs have arrived and like you experienced with P4D, you can dance with your favorite P3 and P5 characters through the greatest hits from the games, including remixes. Time to get KING CRAZY once again with these new installments!

Like the last one, both P3D and P5D are basically rhythm-based games and as rhythm-based games, players need to mash the corresponding buttons as shown in the screen and complete the song as the crow flies. Simple as that. Some go for the score challenge, others go for the combo challenge, but few are rising up to the challenge by going FULL COMBO in all of the in-game tracklists at all difficulty settings, which is very Herculean by rhythm-based game standards but it sure is addicting more than beating up dark shadows.

In P3D, you can dance as your favorite characters from the PERSONA3 games such as the main character (Makoto Yuki), Junpei Iori, Yukari Takeba, Aegis, Mitsuru Kirijou, Akihiko Sanada, Fuka Yamagishi, and Ken Amada, among many others. In P5D, meanwhile, you can dance as the main character (Ren Amamiya), Ryuji Sakamoto, Anne Takamaki, Morgana, Yusuke Kitagawa, Makoto Nijima, Futaba Sakura, and Haru Okumura, among many others. There are other characters coming soon in the game via DLC, most are playable only in Free Dance mode.

Throughout the game, if a player finishes a song, regardless of clear results, they'll get cash to purchase costumes for their favorite characters, spicing things up on your next gameplay. Heck, they can even progress their way to get new and exciting rewards for bragging rights as well. As they clear certain conditions, they can progress through the Communication part of the game, where you get to meet your favorite characters through talking but choose your words well because it's hard to predict the outcome from your favorites. If you have a PlayStationVR, you can even get a glimpse to the sights and sounds from the world of P3 and P5.

So, with P3D and P5D, the Persona dance craze just got even more crazier than ever. You can purchase them separately or go all-out attack with the Persona Dancing All Star Triple Pack which includes not just both games but also a digital copy of PERSONA4 Dancing All Night on the Playstaton4. Not only that, it even comes with a four-disc original soundtrack as well! Yours for 16,880 Yen plus tax and delivery.

For the PSVita versions, there's the Dancing Deluxe Twin Pack featuring not just both games and the four-disc soundtrack but also costumes straight from ATULS' hit games. Yours for 15,780 Yen plus tax and delivery.

From the Tartarus to the Mementos, enjoy dancing with your favorite S.E.E.S. members or Phantom Thieves tonight!

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