Saturday, May 5, 2018

PriPara and Kiratto PriChan Kirakira Memorial Live

As a Children's Day treat in this last days of Golden Week and in preparation for the Pretty All Friends project celebrating 10 years of Takara Tomy's Pretty shojo franchise, the stars of the Pretty franchise are gathered for the biggest Pretty experience little girls would definitely enjoy for more.

PriPara and Kiratto PriChan
Kirakira Memorial Live
The film is titled PriPara and Kiratto PriChan Kirakira Memorial Live and despite the title which involves the recently concluded PriPara saga and the new series it replaced titled Kiratto PriChan, this film is a celebration of the Pretty franchise because it's got all of the Pretty protagonists in one roof, reminiscent of something of infinite proportions. There's Aira Harune from Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream (played by Kana Asumi), Mia Ageha from Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future (played by Rumi Okubo), Naru Ayase from Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live (played by Emiri Kato), Pripara's Laala Manaka (played by Himika Akaneya) Idol Time PriPara's Yui Yumekawa (played by Arisa Date), and lastly, Kiratto PriChan's Mirai Momoyama (played by Koko Hayashi) and Emo Moegi (played by Miyu Kubota).

You can expect almost all of your favorite characters popping up in this film, depending on one of the three routes moviegoers will run into, in tradition of Pretty movies where moviegoers get to pick which of the three routes will watch. Anyway, routes aside, they get to experience the biggest crossover film event that is infinitely cute in so many levels and because being in the world of PriPara and Kiratto PriChan, there is no escaping from the hilarious cast of characters, unforgettable songs for all kids, and an endless array of outfits. Although corny and too much of an eye sore, this film is what makes the Pretty franchise special and believe it or not, they really want to watch it until the end of the film, which is also special because right before the film, they asked all the little kiddies to submit their PriTickets for the finale they lined up on the film and here it is. At the finale, is your PriTicket one of them? Don't miss every last minute of the film.

Blending the past and the present installments under one roof, Kirakira Memorial Live not only stirs up nostalgia but keeps them prepared for the Pretty All Friends project coming very soon. It's a long wait for Pretty fans but in the meantime, the whole family will have to enjoy the biggest treat ever to emerged from the Pretty universe.

My rating: 3.9 out of 5.

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