Monday, May 28, 2018

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: US officials have crossed the border into North Korea

The State Department said US officials have crossed the border into North Korea to continue preparations for a potential meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The Department's spokesperson said in a statement the two sides are holding talks in Panmunjom, which sits on the inter-Korean border.

She said "a US delegation is in ongoing talks with North Korean officials at Panmunjom, We continue to prepare for a meeting between the president and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un."

The Washington Post reported the news earlier, saying the US team is led by Ambassador Sung Kim, a former US ambassador to Seoul and former negotiator on North Korea's nuclear weapons program. The North Korean side is led by Vice Foreign Minister Choe Son-hui.

Trump and Kim agreed to meet in Singapore June 12 to talk about the denuclearization of the regime but Trump scrapped the summit and North Korea issued a statement that it was still ready to talk with the US at any time. President Trump said the meeting could still take place June 12 as planned.

Source: Arirang News

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