Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Bang Dream! Girls Band Party! Cover Collection Vol.1

At Bang Dream!, it's not just the bands' signature songs the fans raved the most but they have also paying tribute to some of the rocking J-Pop and anime songs in history and to honor such feat, your favorite bands from Bang Dream! performed cover versions of hit J-Pop and anime songs for the fans to enjoy on their Girls Band Party! app game. Those who had fun listening Bang Dream's take on hit J-Pop rock songs, here comes the first compilation of cover versions the girls from Bang Dream worked really hard to celebrate the best of J-Pop and anime music.

Bang Dream! Girls Band Party! Cover Collection Vol.1
For the first installment of the Bang Dream! Girls Band Party! Cover Collection, a compilation of ten hit J-Pop and anisongs performed by your favorite Bang Dream bands. Beginning with Poppin'Party, they've performed their versions of the Your Lie in April theme song Hikaru Nara and Senbonzakura. In the Afterglow side, they've performed their own version of Asu no Yozora Shoukaihan and the Full Metal Alchemist theme song READY STEADY GO. In the Pastel*Palettes side, they did their versions of that K-ON! song titled Fuwa Fuwa Time and secret base~Kimi ga Kureta Mono~. For Roselia, they did their version of the Evangelion: Death and Rebirth" film theme song Tamashii no Refrain and the Lyrical Nanoha A's theme song ETERNAL BLAZE. And lastly, on the Hello, Happy World! side, they made versions of songs titled Yī Èr Fanclub and Romeo.

All compiled in this compilation, you can be sure which version you think is your favorite based on your liking and your endless hours of playing that song on the app game. With everything's set, which cover song will be next to be added on the future installment and what hit song will the bands cover next? Be sure to keep on playing Bang Dream! Girls Band Party! app game for more from your favorite bands.

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