Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Original Soundtrack

Ever since the Cardcaptor Sakura TV series aired on NHK in 1998, it made the CLAMP masterpiece into an all-time classic, propelling this magical girl anime into mainstream pop culture and the entertainment the world's talking about and in January of 2018, Sakura Kinomoto returned in Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card, the sequel to the hit classic. Ran for 22 episodes, viewers returned to the tale of Sakura Kinomoto, now aged 13 and entering middle school, as she thought this is going to be the best day of her life now that Li Syaoran returned from Hong Kong. But that's not what she was hoping it to be because a mysterious threat emerges from her dreams, turning all of her Sakura Cards blank and mysterious phenomenon are threatening the peaceful town of Tomoeda once again. Wielding the power of the Dream Wand, the legendary Cardcaptor Sakura returns to seal new Clear Cards and unmask the mysterious threat.

Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Original Soundtrack

After watching all 22 episodes from the time Sakura unleashed the Dream Wand all the way to the shocking finale that left viewers questioning what might have been, the original television soundtrack has finally arrived. With series scorer Takayuki Negishi returned for new background music as heard throughout the series, this soundtrack is all about something new, something old, something borrowed, something clear from start to finish and apart from that, there are TV-sized versions of the opening and closing theme songs such as CLEAR, Jewelry, Rocket Beat, and Rewind, and as a bonus, songs performed by Junko Iwao (who played Tomoyo in the TV series) as heard in the Prologue OVA and some episodes throughout the show.

This soundtrack is a HOEEEE-worthy souvenir for watching the entire Clear Card series from start to finish and although with so many questions left unanswered post-finale, best to clear yourselves from it by listening to all of the background musics from the TV series and this is the one thing you'll SECURE and RELEASE it anytime you want.

01 透明な未来 1:11
02 CLEAR ~TVサイズ~ 1:30
03 今日から中学生 1:50
04 クリアカード出現! 1:40
05 さくらの新生活 1:25
06 UkiUki♡おでかけ 1:45
07 とまどい 1:09
08 謎の力 1:42
09 予測できない! 1:33
10 わたしを動かす力 1:42
11 揺れる気持ち 1:12
12 空は見ているよ 3:55
13 夕焼けに誓った 1:08
14 家路 1:16
15 On The Special Day 1:35
16 なかよしフレンズ 1:14
17 まだ遠くにいる 1:14
18 朧月夜 2:08
19 魔術師 1:22
20 暴れるカード 1:27
21 絶対、負けない! 1:37
22 セキュア! 1:44
23 妄想大爆発! 1:04
24 明日がいい日であるように 1:28
25 ロケットビート -TVサイズ- 1:29
26 安らぎの家 1:56
27 DOGI-MAGI 1:08
28 ここに来て 3:01
29 Kung-fu Action! 1:44
30 異世界への扉 1:16
31 おれが守る! 2:21
32 つかのまの平和 2:06
33 リワインド -TVサイズ- 1:29
34 恋してる 1:45
35 時間をあやつる男 1:46
36 発動された魔力 2:13
37 空だって飛べる 2:37
38 守るべきもの 1:29
39 約束の空 4:12
40 Jewelry (TV EDIT) 1:31

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