Monday, June 25, 2018

Daihatsu Mira Tocot

While cars are more than just being moving appliances on the road that ordinary people used everyday, some believe that cars are a beautiful accessory can own. Seeing the whole "accessory" thing that applies for cars, Daihatsu unveiled their newest chic accessory they can keep, a new kei car called the Tocot.

2019 Daihatsu Mira Tocot
2019 Daihatsu Mira Tocot

What's in the name, you may ask? The Tocot name comes in three ways to describe Daihatsu newest kei car; "To Character" referring to its style, "To Comfortableness" referring to its simple interior, and "To Convenience" referring to its user-friendly features that makes the simpleton more simple enough to be a humble accessory for first-time drivers. Needless to say, this replacement to the aging Mira Cocoa is a back-to-basic kei car that is away from the fancy stuff new cars possess and into something that will make owners theirs. Because this is a simple kei car made for people living in simple lives, the design is nothing cute nor cool, it's regular and there are no other words to describe how it looks because this is a simple-looking kei car with no strings attached.

2019 Daihatsu Mira Tocot interior
2019 Daihatsu Mira Tocot interior

Just like the exterior design, the interior of the Tocot is all basic for a normal car. You can expect the speedo that greets drivers when switching on, airconditioning that works like what every car should, garnishing in the panel to make it more noticeable, full fabric seats that won't freeze your butt off when you sit down, USB sockets for your gadgets, cubby holes to store your things, foldable rear seats, and a power liftgate. Visibility's relatively superior for a kei car of this size, in case you're wondering. These conveniences really worked like every car should and although being small, it's still simple enough to live with whether you're going to work or home or your favorite places on the weekends.

2019 Daihatsu Mira Tocot

Powered by a 660cc three-cylinder 52PS engine, the Tocot has a fuel efficiency of around 29.8km/L and using every kei car on the list, that tops against a Suzuki Lapin in an AGS setting, which is remarkable for Daihatsu to create a fuel-efficient car that makes drivers go the extra mile. Speaking of extra mile, the Tocot comes with Smart Assist III which comes with a stereo camera that functions its lane departure warning, false start suppression, pre-collision braking, and auto high beam capabilities, guaranteeing a safer, more comfortable drive from work or from play.

The Tocot starts at an incredibly low price of 1,074,600 Japanese Yen (around 10,800 Dollars or 530,000 Pesos) and that considered to be one of the cheapest Daihatsus you can own. To sum this car up, the Tocot is not the kind of car you can get excited about because of its regular styling but the compact sizing, the efficiency, and the pricing makes you want to get started with this one if you got yourself a license for the first time. Considering it a nice accessory to own, the Tocot really is the kind of blank canvas to get the most out of its simpleness and you can do whatever you want with this car as long as you're with it.

Available colors: Ceramic Green Metallic, Juicy Pink Metallic, Sunny Day Blue Metallic, Pearl White III, Black Mica Metallic, Plum Brown Crystal Mica, Lemon Squash Crystal Metallic, Fire Quartz Red Metallic, Ceramic Green Metallic+Design Film Top, Juicy Pink Metallic+Design Film Top, Sunny Day Blue Metallic+Design Film Top, and Pearl White III+Design Film Top.

Photo: Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

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