Saturday, June 16, 2018

Disney-Pixar's The Incredibles 2

14 years ago, the world of Disney and Pixar introduced us to THE INCREDIBLES, the story of a family of superheroes band together to stop a fan-turned-supervillain from wrecking havoc in the metropolis. Years changed and this film became one of the all-time Disney greats and at long last, the sequel has arrived to see how much THE INCREDIBLES have changed since the beginning.

The Incredibles 2
After 14 years since the original film, the long-awaited sequel brings back The Incredibles in their newest adventure that goes beyond their superpowers. Following the events from the first film, things have changed for the family as Elastagirl gets a new job from an agency who wants to bring back superheroes back to existence. With Mrs. Incredible now back as a full-time superhero, the family are now adjusting to their new lease in life and while she's on her full-time job saving the day, the family are figuring out baby Jack-Jack's newest powers. Things changed but their ways of being Incredible are far from over.

Considered to be the perfect Father's Day treat, The Incredibles 2 really is a dream come true for all the Disney aficionados waiting for 14 years to see them back together for another stint and it's starting to take form that this film's becoming more connected as a family-oriented film rather than the first film, although there are some loopholes that hadn't been fixed from the start. 

Call it above average if you may but no matter the result, it's been worth the wait for those itching to see The Incredibles back for more and in the spirit of Disney and Pixar collaboration, it's picking up to become a superhero flick that promises to be more family-oriented than the original.

My rating: 3.9 out of 5

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