Saturday, June 16, 2018

Forza Motorsport 7 - A tribute to the 919 Hybrid

Back in 2014, Porsche returned to LMP1 endurance racing with their 919 Hybrid and although it didn't fare well in its first run, which led to its 3rd place finish at the constructor's championship at the 2014 WEC season, it came back with a much fighting chance and because of such will power, it managed to win not just Le Mans but also three WEC seasons on the trot from 2015 to 2017. Although Porsche has left the LMP1 racing program after their three-win streak with the 919, its dominant status won't be forgotten as I brought in the first and the last 919s to win Le Mans at this venue in preparation for today's Le Mans.

In this fitting tribute to the Porsche 919 Hybrid, I summoned the first and the last 919 Hybrids to win at this holy grail of high-speed endurance racing just to give the taste of how much the 919 has evolved from its first victory in 2015 to its last victory of 2017.

Looking back four years in the making, the 919 has evolved from an underdog to king of endurance racers and by pitting these two machines together, I'm starting to remember how much the 919 ruled endurance racing with an iron fist in the same way its predecessors did all the way back to the legendary 917.

For starters, the 919 features a 2.0L fuel-injected V4 engine with li-ion battery for energy recovery in mid-mounted longitudinal configuration. The hybrid powerplant is capable of producing 900HP of power output and 1,100lb-ft of torque, while mated with a 7-speed hydraulically-activated sequential gearbox with rear-lock differential. Throughout its three-year tenure, Porsche spent numerous resources improving its aerodynamics, chassis, and suspension, resulting to the very machine you're seeing it now and as the machine that swallowed Audi through its mouth and made Toyota cry by the last minute, the 919 really is the endurance racing tyrant that gave Porsche the absolute power to reign down the motorsport kingdom just how Zeus reign down the gods in ancient times.

Although the 919's reign as the king of endurance racing is well and truly over following Porsche's decision to wind down their 919 racing program, they paid tribute to the machine by making a specially unplugged, unscripted, no-holds barred machine that smashes every single best laps around the world, showing how much Porsche is capable of.

Anyway, no time for being sentimental right now because its time to see how much the 919 has evolved from the first 919 to win Le Mans to the final 919 to win it in this venue. Cue the tape.

And now, the results...

#19 919 - 3:43.117
#2 919 - 3:39.161

By my observation, it took almost four seconds to evolve from this to that, meaning they really did improved the 919 to become the ultimate endurance racing champion that demands respect from its loyalists and opposition alike.

Since its advent in 2014, the 919 always pen stories at the hands of drivers who lived to tell the tale and even in its last breath, it managed to leave champions a smile on their faces by fighting its way to the very end of its lifespan and even if its reign ends, the story never ends for Porsche's motorsport pedigree.

Thank you, 919 Hybrid.

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