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Fun with the 765PRO ALL-STARS figures

Ever since Phat! Company unveiled THE IDOLM@STER anime DVD/Blu-Ray cover figure range back in 2014, Hibiki Ganaha was the first of the range and now that deliveries of the latest addition of the range, which of course the face of THE IDOLM@STER franchise and the center girl of the 765PRO ALL-STARS, Haruka Amami, was all set, it's becoming a dream come true to have the rest of the main characters of THE IDOLM@STER gathered around. It really is every producers' bucket list to complete the 765PRO ALL-STARS in a pinch.

Overall, those die-hard IDOLM@STER like you and I have spent about 144,400 Japanese Yen or 1,320 US Dollars or 69,214 PhP or whatever currency you're into to get those twelve idols and while this sounds like wallet brutality, these figures are more than just toys, they're proof that they are fans of the 765PRO ALL-STARS, the pioneers of THE IDOLM@STER franchise.

Let's get to know the 144,400 Yen collection's worth of 765PRO ALL-STAR figures from the folks of Phat! Company...

First, there's Hibiki Ganaha. It came out since May 2014 with prices start at 7429 plus tax. Hibiki is a bright and cheerful girl is as bright as the sun.

Second on the list is Iori Minase, which arrived since June 2014 with a price tag of 7222 Yen plus tax. Iori is a self-centered celebrity and a well-rounded tsundere.

Yayoi Takatsuki is the third on the list with prices start at 7389 Yen plus tax when it landed stores since January 2015. Yayoi works hard as an idol to support her family.

The fourth one is Miki Hoshii. Went on sale since May 2015 with a 7,400 Yen plus tax price tag. Miki is a kind of a girl who slacks off but she has a lot of potential.

Takane Shijou is the fifth of the range with prices start at 8,000 Yen plus tax since it went on sale on September 2015. Takane Shijou really is a woman of a mystery.

Number six of the lineup is Makoto Kikuchi, which was priced at 8,400 Yen plus tax and went on sale on October 2015. Makoto is somewhat a tomboyish type of idol which is very popular among female fans.

Seventh of the range is Yukiho Hagiwara. This one also has an 8,400 Yen plus tax pricetag but it came out three months later. Yukiho is somewhat of a wallflower who tends to shy away from the rest but she does everything to change.

Eighth goes to Azusa Miura, which carries a 8,400 Yen price tag plus tax when it came out on September 2016. Azusa tends to get carried away but has endless qualities.

Number nine goes to the most expensive of the range, Ami and Mami Futami. Why? It carried a hefty 17800 Yen price tag plus tax when it came out last January 2017. Ami is the dazzling one while Mami is the sexy one.

Tenth of the range is Ritsuko Akizuki, which came out since September 2017 after numerous difficulties and priced at 9,000 Yen plus tax. Ritsuko combines all of the attributes as both producer and idol at the same time.

Eleventh of the range goes to Chihaya Kisaragi, which was priced at 11,000 yen plus tax when it was arrived since April 2018. Chihaya devotes everything to music in a stoic manner.

And just arrived is Haruka Amami. The center girl of 765PRO ALL-STARS and the eternal face of the franchise. Her recent arrival came with an 11,000 Yen price tag plus tax. Haruka is a caring and loving idol.

So, with their introduction done, let's have some impressions with the 765PRO ALL-STARS and see how much love do you want to give to these idols you're familiar with.

What I've done here is I did some group shots and based on the group shots, they were grouped based on their appearances from the covers of the ANIMATION M@STER soundtracks.

They are now grouped by order of their appearances from the manga based on the TV series.

Anything goes!

It's great to say that it's been an honor to collect these figures based on the 765PRO ALL-STARS from THE IDOLM@STER. It really is every producer's bucket list to collect them all and now that they're here, feels like my so-called infinity war with them is over or so I thought...

Strange. I thought this range should be finished with Haruka Amami but as it turned out, there's one last character on the range. Wonder who could that be? No one knows but I know someone who is.

Anyway, while I have no idea who that is, let's consider that the 765PRO ALL-STARS is complete but as long as other franchises ganging up for more ways to complete the cast, there's always an infinity war somewhere. My infinity war with 765PRO ALL-STARS maybe over but there are other franchises out there wanting fans to complete the range so get your checks and wallets ready. Until then, let's savor the moment with your favorite 765 Production idols anytime you want.

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