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Second-generation BMW X4 (G02)

BMW introduced the X4 four years ago which is nothing more of a jacked-up version of the BMW 3-Series saloon or 3 Series Gran Turismo or 4-Series Gran Coupe or whatever and the conclusion is like its X6 big brother, it's just another one of BMW's wrongs that cannot be rewritten right. So, with the second-generation X4 now in the open, has the Sport Activity Coupe that serves as the baby brother of the X6 got it right? Let's investigate.

2019 BMW X4
2019 BMW X4
The jacked up version of BMW's entry-level saloon is now on its second generation and upon your first encounter with the original X4, has the new model ever changed? Starting from the design view, the exterior's heavily redesigned while retaining the side view of the original. Sure, the front view looks auspiciously familiar by BMW standards, the rear view is somewhat worth noticing because you may notice that the model name badges are now below rather than above the rear lamps and as far as the eye can see, this new layout could set a new BMW standard for future models where the model name emblems are now positioned below the rear lamps a la MB coupes of today. It all seems suspicious over this new move but behind the new look, it's still an X4.

2019 BMW X4 interior

The interior looks a bit the same as the original but while the uniform interior is a buzzkill for luxury car standards, toying around the car's gizmos is a great way to get to know each other such as BMW ConnectedDrive, BMW Connected, Amazon Alexa compatibility (giving you the ability to tell the Alexa from your Amazon Echo to open the car for you and do things), Apple CarPlay connectivity, and so much more. Having fun with the gadgets, the comforts are still above average by luxury car standards especially with its sloping roofline and it's starting to feel like you're riding with your auntie's luxury crossover. Space-wise, the boot capacity of 525 litres as well as its fastback styling really means that it's big enough to fit some stuff you shopped from rummage sales or for some boring birthday parties. If you're feeling adventurous, you can fold the rear seats to fit some more stuff like your BMX or some gym equipment you've ordered from the sports store. Practical, I dare say.

2019 BMW X4

Now, the performance is something worth noticing on the new X4 and by launch, the 2.0L engines can be either petrol and diesel while the M Performance variant carries three liters and while on the subject of not focusing on diesel engines because this is a German car, focus shifts on the petrol variants with the most economical being the xDrive20i bearing less than 7.1L/100km of fuel efficiency with the most powerful being the M40i, producing 360PS of power and 500Nm of torque, capable of going to 100kph in 4.8 seconds. All models are mated to an 8-speed Steptronic gearbox.

Like the previous model, the new X4 retains the standard xDrive all-wheel drive system, making it capable on various types of road conditions, be it tarmac, gravel, or snow, although the consequences as felt from its big brother couldn't be far behind on this new model. BMW says that they had improved the dynamics to made more refined than the previous model but the end result is still between a rock and a hard place. Apart from that, BMW jammed the new X4 with numerous safety features such as Cruise Control with braking function as well as Collision and Pedestrian Warning with City Collision Mitigation, among many others. Slap it with the Driving Assistant Plus safety package and the result is a driving experience worth surrendering your driving licenses forever. Weird, isn't it?

2019 BMW X4
Should you buy it? The new X4 starts at 49,700 Euros with taxes and fees included and while it sounds like a much to burden with its pricing, it still worth a start to buy in case you can't afford the big and heavy X6. So, has the new X4 improved from the previous model? Sort of, if you may, and while the addition of the M40i is a welcome feat to introduce drivers to the new X4, the rights and wrongs are still in place in the new model and being unrivaled, it remains a niche car that makes it less noticeable than the next car. In other words, this new car has a tough act to follow.

Photo: BMW AG

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