Sunday, June 10, 2018

Things we learned from Aqours Third Love Live concert

The Aqours Third Love Live! Tour WONDERFUL STORIES kicked off at Saitama Super Arena, the first of the three venues covering their third live tour, and throughout the course of this live event, fans were treated by the Aqours heroes performing songs as heard from last year's season of Love Live! Sunshine!! TV series, as well as some skits and other extras in store for them.
So, in case you never been there, the Aqours heroes dropped the bomb with some big announcements in store for the fans. First off, the title of the LLS film and the showing date was announced. The LLS movie will be called Love Live! Sunshine!! The School Idol Movie: Over The Rainbow and it will be hitting cinemas on the 4th of January, 2019. What a way to start 2019 with Aqours' one last goal in this film.

Also coming next year is their 4th single. Not much info has been given but we're pretty confident that it will be coming next year so take your guesses on which one of the Aqours heroes will be their center girl for the new song.

Those who are ready to renew their Aqours Club membership for 2018 are in for the treat because this year's Aqours Club CD SET features this year's anthem, titled Hop・Step・Wa--i! and it's available starting June 30 along with a box set full of goodies that will keep you prepared for this year's Aqours Club events reserved for members like you.

Wrapping up the concert is their 4th live, titled SAILING TO THE SUNSHINE, happening to the Tokyo Dome this November 17 to 18, with their 4th live's anthem titled Thank you, FRIEND, coming this August 1st. While this is a long wait for fans, they'll better be prepared for that song because it might strike the School Idol Festival game soon.

With these announcements in store, the Aqours fever is alive and kicking, leading up to the film that will serve as their one last hurrah for the Aqours heroes.

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