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Third-generation Toyota Century (UWG60)

The Toyota Century has been the flagship saloon that served not just the Japanese royal family since the late Emperor Hirohito but also the high-ranking Diet men and other wealthy clientele who want to experience the true Japanese craftsmanship spent in the making of this car. Now in its third-generation, the Toyota Century ushers in the next era of Japanese history with the design, interior, drivetrain, and technology that demonstrates the future of Japanese motoring at its very best.

2019 Toyota Century
Demonstrating over 50 years of catering wealthy clientele with first-class luxury comfort that will upset expensive European imports, the Toyota Century has been given its long-awaited full model change in over two decades and with this third-generation, the new Century is ready to turn the page to a new era like preparing your Hobonichi Techo for a new year. Beginning with the design, the Century now features a more modern look while tracing its roots from the previous Century generations since the first one in 1967 and by blending the past, present, and the future, the new Century is still worthy of donning the emblem of a mythical bird that shines for many centuries to come.

2019 Toyota Century interior
2019 Toyota Century interior

Putting emphasis on its handcrafted interior, you will notice how much hours they spent perfecting the ideal Century interior of the next era in Japanese history, something that the next Japanese emperor will get acquainted with. On the driver side, the driver will be greeted with the heated steering wheel, tilted and telescopic steering wheel, 10-way power seat, 7-inch TFT color multi information display, and many others in store for the driver. On the rear-seat side, that's where the Century's royal piece comes into play because the clientele can treat the Century's rear space like a private room because it's got all of the nooks and crannies a good limousine possess such as an air-conditioning, massage on the rear seats, a rear-seat entertainment system with a Blu-Ray Player and SD Card Slot below the screen, 20 speakers, an 100V AC outlet, and a writing table, among many others. At the back, the Century carries 484 litres of boot space, capable of carrying a 9.5-inch golf back and others for trips to the country club or a five-star hotel for an important meeting with a certain delegate. Of all the luxury cars you've encountered, the new Century fits the bill of being a chauffeur-driven car targeted for Japan's rich and powerful people, especially the next emperor.

2019 Toyota Century

Because the third-generation Toyota Century is a representation of the next era in Japanese history, Toyota did some drastic measures to accommodate the winds of change. For instance, the glorious V12 engine from the past model has been thrown away for good and in return, it now comes with a 5.0L V8 engine coupled with a 1KM electric motor and a nickel metal battery, generating a total output of 431PS of power. That is the same hybrid powertrain used in the old Lexus LS600h and with today's Lexus LS500h no longer bears a V8 hybrid because it's now a V6 Multi-Stage Hybrid instead, this powertrain is now unique to the Century. It's like finding a new home after a massive hit that changed their lives and because of its hybrid powertrain along with its CVT, the fuel economy based on JC08 Mode standards is 13.6km/L.

Toyota have spent countless hours making the Century more quieter and more comfortable like a premium sedan should and that is why it comes with Active Noise Control, multi-link suspension on all sides, and Adaptive Variable Suspension system. When set to Normal or ECO, the new Century works brilliantly as a comfortable cruiser fit from getting out from the countryside and into the Diet building without breaking a sweat. However, when things get rough like for instance, some unknown assailant trying to chase you down, put it in SPORT S+, and things can get a little tricky for a luxury saloon. That's defensive driving to you.

Anyway, part of representing the future is the safety tech and the new Century is prepared with Toyota Safety Sense featuring Pre-Crash Safety system, Lane Departure Alert, Radar Cruise Control, Adaptive High-beam System, Blind Spot Monitor, Parking Support Alert, and many others. Utilizing these safety tech, the new Century promises a peace of mind for its occupants and that's something this ultra-expensive JDM saloon can do in its time.

Speaking of ultra-expensive, it really is and it starts at 19,600,000 Japanese Yen, making this the most expensive Toyota ever made, unless if you are part of the Diet or the Japanese royal family to get the most out of it. Anyway, since the Century is all about serving wealthy clients with its high-level of luxuriousness on the inside, the implementation of the hybrid powertrain can be either refreshing or revolting but still, this is what the new Century really wants to represent, representing a new era on the road ahead and this is how it begins.

Available colors: Kamui Eternal Black, Mashuu Shrine Blue Mica, Asuka Blackish Red Mica, and Seika Radiant Silver Metallic.

Photo: Toyota Motor Corporation

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