Wednesday, June 27, 2018

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: Two Koreas form a joint investigation to assess railways

The two Koreas will form a joint investigation team and get down to checking the status of North Korean and inter-Korean railroads next month. This as agreed at Tuesday's inter-Korean talks on connecting and modernizing railway lines the two Koreas are hoping to work on: the Gyeongui Line that links Seoul and North Korean city of Sinuiju and the Donghae Line, along the eastern coast of the peninsula.

From July 24th, Seoul and Pyongyang will start the joint investigation as they also hope to jointly check parts of the railways that cut through the border, starting from mid-July.

The delegations say they've agreed to connect and modernize the two lines at a high level, and agreed to arrange practical measures for design and construction. However, concerns remain on these railway projects as South Korean resources and equipment will have to go into North Korea for construction, which may violate international sanctions on North Korea.

However, Kim Jeong-ryeol, Vice Minister of Land, Infrastructutre, and Transport said "most of our work is preparing and checking-up to begin our projects when the conditions are met, so I think there are none that will violate international sanctions."

The two Koreas agreed to communicate further through their contact channel to settle on the detailed schedules on preparations for the joint investigation next month.

Source: Arirang News

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