Saturday, June 9, 2018

Warriors defends title after defeating Cavaliers at NBA Finals Game 4

Last year, the showdown between Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers scored one in the NBA history books as for being the first rivalry between the two teams to continue for three straight years. Now, history has been rewritten again as for this is the fourth time the Warriors and Cavaliers face each other.

The first two games, the spotlight is on the Warriors thanks to their home field advantage at the Oracle Center, and despite the last-second blunter by JR Smith, it all goes pretty well for the Warriors. On the latter two games they faced, at the Cleveland Cavaliers' home turf Quicken Loans Arena, the Warriors soldiered on until they finished the Finals with a full four-game sweep.

At the score of 108-85, the Golden State Warriors nicked their third title thanks to the trademark third-quarter run that left the Cavs thinking what could have been.

Congratulations to the Warriors for their back-to-back title win at the NBA Finals!

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