Saturday, July 14, 2018

Pokemon the Movie: The Power of Us

Everyone has a different story to tell. From good times to bad times, these wonderful stories tell by a handful of individuals really reflect the lives and times of themselves, especially Pokemon trainers. In this 21st Pokemon film, the tales of different Pokemon trainers will intertwine by fate and how the story unfolds is up to them.

As the sequel to last year's I Choose You film, this 21st Pokemon film is a Pokemon adventure unlike every before and as fans noticed some facial changes on the anime show's main character Satoshi (Ash Ketchum), that's because the producers teamed up with Wit Studio, the animation studio behind our favorite anime shows such as Attack on Titan and The Ancient Magus' Bride, delivering a much refreshed take on our ever favorite Pokemon adventure and this collaboration really onto something here.

In this film, our main character visits a vibrant city where a windy festival honoring the legendary Pokemon Lugia is held and he meets up with five different strangers; a young female trainer, a little girl, a budding researcher, a middle-aged man, and an old lady who dislikes Pokemon. As they know, this film features an all-star cast of voices played by some of the most respectable names in the Japanese entertainment industry and J-pop boy duo Pornografitti performed the theme song of the film as well, leaving viewers starstrucked by the big names playing their respective roles in this film and that's something the whole Japanese people should be talking or writing about.

For inspiration, the producers went to San Francisco to observe the scenery, the vibrance, and the dynamism needed to create the city the main characters are going to and by portraying a vibrant and colorful town brimming with energy and life as seen in the film, viewers are going to take some measures to compare this location from the film and in real life just like every single anime we know where locations mean business. Anyway, this isn't time to be talking locations because let's get to know about the film.

First of all, their appearances can be downright shoddy apart from the main character's different face and the random characters he joined alongside with, and just like I Choose You, the originality of this film kind of let the viewers down because fans wanted the Pokemon films to be just like the TV shows but the film, like last year's, throws caution to the wind and ended up getting lost in the woods full of crowded people. Despite the silly metaphor, this Pokemon film can be considered one of the most enjoyable films to watch in a middle of a Japanese summer of storms and because it's so good, it can easily overshadow the latest mythical Pokemon the moviegoers are getting it now; Zeraora. Speaking of Zeraora, moviegoers watching the film got a chance to get Zeraora for use in Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon games. Donning its signature Plasma Fists attack, this Electric-type mythical Pokemon makes a wonderful addition to the team and take advantage of its offenses that will save the day.

With the big names joining forces, a different approach by a well-known animation studio, and the appearance of Zeraora, this 21st Pokemon film promises to write wonderful stories for the whole family and that's something the world are looking forward to.

My rating: 3.9 out of 5.

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