Thursday, July 12, 2018

Double Rainbow/Saa Ikou!

Double Rainbow/Saa Ikou!
Bang Dream's Poppin'Party returns for their 10th single, giving fans a colorful reason why these two new songs will make a nice addition to the ever-growing Bang Dream playlist and how to annoy classy people with some rock n' roll music only Bang Dream has to offer.

The 10th single for Poppin'Party features two new songs. First is titled Double Rainbow and this song was heard in an event from the Girls Band Party app game and having mastered the whole song from EASY to EXPERT, the full version of the song heard from the time-limited Garupa event has arrived, giving you plenty of reasons why you love Poppin'Party the most in the entire Bang Dream franchise.

The next song is titled Saa Ikou and this song was used as the opening theme song from the Future Card Shin Buddy Fight anime series and it's quite difficult to explain how melodic and how enjoyable this new song is.

For limited quantities, there is a blu-ray disc featuring a music video and the textless version of the Bang Dream TV show's closing theme song, Tear Drops, plus highlights from Poppin'Party's live performance at last January's Garupa Live concert.

The Poppin'Party girls are waiting for your verdict on their newest songs and be sure to keep playing the Bang Dream! Girls Band Party! app game for more.

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