Saturday, July 14, 2018

Honda N-VAN

The Honda N series of kei cars just got a new addition and this latest addition is considered to be a cut-price solution for people running small businesses of all kinds and that is a good thing because if you are jumpstarting your own small business from the beginning, your obvious way and mean of transportation could be this; the brand new N-VAN.

2019 Honda N-VAN

As the direct replacement for the Acty vans, the Honda N-VAN is the ideal small business partner does all sorts of jobs with its ample room height, generous space, various arrangements, safety tech, and fuel economy that will make small business owners their first ride of choice if they want a light commercial vehicle that gets the done job on work days and room for leisure at the end of the shift. Easier said than done, perhaps.

2019 Honda N-VAN

With prices start at 1,267,920 yen (P600,000) to 1,799,280 yen (P850,000), it's downright costly compared to the Suzuki Every but unlike the Every, the N-VAN does all sorts of things only this kei van can offer. First off, the styling is what you consider too regular because in the normal variant, the N-VAN reminded them of the old N-BOX of yesteryears but in the more stylish +STYLE variants, the FUN and COOL puts them in reminder of today's N-BOX because the front face is easily distinguishable. Still, this is no time for talking style because this is a light commercial vehicle and utility is what the N-VAN is focusing.

2019 Honda N-VAN interior
2019 Honda N-VAN interior

As you are greeted by the pillarless body construction on the passenger side, just like the Daihatsu Tanto, the interior of the N-VAN does many things for work and for travel. Because the fuel tank of this car doesn't occupy most of the space as conventional cars had, the N-VAN delivers plenty of room for stuff to deliver and stuff to pack for your weekend travel plans. Plus, the passenger seats come with a dive-down function that can be folded down and become as flat as a floor, considering how many perishable goods you can deliver to the next wet market or at the supermarket and when you're done with your shift, you can fold it back in case you and your mates are going somewhere. This is productivity plus for the N-VAN and you can't get this on your Every.

The N-VAN is powered by a 660cc petrol engine that can churn out either 53PS of power or 64PS for turbo variants and with CVT, the N-VAN promises a fuel economy of up to 23.8km/L based on JC08 mode standard, which is fairly as fuel efficient as the Suzuki Every. Easier said than done, I'm afraid, but little did you know that there's a 6-speed manual variant on the N-VAN? Manual gearboxes are fun to toy with but not in the N-VAN because this is too serious to turn an LCV into something weird because of that gearbox. For health and safety purposes, the N-VAN comes prepared with Honda Sensing driving aids such as collision avoidance and lane detection, just to give drivers a little heads up while handling some parcels to deliver.

Fit for work and for post-shift leisure, the Honda N-VAN does everything an LCV should offer, delivering ample space for delivering stuff at their desired destination, fuel efficient to get the job done, safety tech to give drivers a little heads up, it's everything that its opponents can't match and like I said, the N-VAN is all about productivity great enough for small business owners.

Photo: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

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