Sunday, July 15, 2018

Pacquiao wins Kuala Lumpur fight against Matthysse

The People's Champ, Manny Pacquiao, took on WBA Welterweight champion, Lucas Matthysse, in Kuala Lumpur's Axiata Arena. This is the first time the legendary Pacquiao, who is also a sitting senator in the Philippines, took on a battle without the supervision of his former coach, Freddie Roach, since the controversial Battle of Brisbane last year that tasted his loss.

At the start of the match, it looks like the WBA Welterweight Champion from Argentina is feeling a pinch by a flurry of punches thrown by Pacquiao and then, on the fifth round, Pacquiao's left punches really put a drop on Matthysse, literally. When the seventh round came, it's all over for Matthysse as Pacquiao's hard left is simply too much to bear for him and with that, The People's Champ has snagged the WBA Welterweight belt from Matthysse after a victory by a technical knock-out.

This is the first time Pacquiao won a match by a knockout since 2009.

After his dominating success at Malaysia, what's next for the People's Champ? It's only up to him to decide on that. Anyway, congratulations to Manny Pacquiao for another smashing success at this bout.

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