Wednesday, July 4, 2018

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: Basketball games in Pyongyang

The two Koreas will be holding a series of friendly basketball matches in Pyongyang for the next two days. There will be four games in total; two matches each on Wednesday and Thursday.

Wednesday's games will between the teams where South and North Korean players are mixed together. In Thursday's games, the two Koreas compete against each other. They will be divided by color only; one in red and the other in blue.

These will be the fourth round of inter-Korean basketball games -- with the last one held 15 years ago. The games started at 1540 hours local time.

Meanwhile, on the first day of the visit, the North Korean authorities greeted the South Korean delegation with a warm welcoming dinner.

On Tuesday evening, a welcome dinner was held at Okryugwan, a restaurant in Pyongyang famous for cold noodles.

In the case of the South Korean art troupe's visit to Pyongyang in April, the dinner event did not happen on the first day but on the lst day.

Seoul's Unification Ministry Cho Myong-gyon and a few other government officials plus the South Korean basketball team were invited. North Korea's sports minister Kim Il-guk was present with his vice minister, the vice-head of Pyongyang's inter-Korean affairs committee and the North's basketball players.

Over 100 South Koreans arrived in the North Korean capital earlier on Tuesday for the inter-Korean basketball games, which were agreed upon at sports talks last month.

Source: Arirang News

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