Saturday, August 18, 2018

The mythical end of the Baganis' tale

Bagani is a fantaserye that draws inspiration from Philippine mythologies and it's about a tale of five mythical warriors bestowed by the power of Bathala in order to guard Sansinukob from the forces of evil.

Throughout the course of this story, we witnessed the rise and fall and born again of the Baganis as the tale of betrayal, despair, loss, loyalty, cooperation, and love put these chosen warriors to the test. With the watchful eye of the entity known as the Babaylan, the Baganis are risking their lives to save Sansinukob from dark forces.

And now, here it comes. The end of the myth and throughout the course of the final battle, Lakas and Ganda defeated Gaki, the god of nightmares, while racing against time to get the Puso ng Sinukuan at the top of the Bulkan ng Sinukuan while committing the ultimate sacrifice. With the Puso ng Sinukuan got rid of the evil force that lurks in Ganda's body, the Baganis are reunited and Malaya's act of revenge for the death of Sarimaw has failed.

Although Malaya humbly accepted defeated,  the dark force that was once got rid by the Puso ng Sinukuan has revived Sarimaw and killed Malaya with his bare hands. With Sarimaw reborn, he's going to destroy Sansinukob in one swoop until the Baganis Lakas, Ganda, Dumakulem, Liksi, and Lakam are here to finish him once and for all.

In the ultimate battle beyond good and evil, the Baganis were aided by the warriors of the Taga-disyerto, led by Kidlat and Dakim but as Sarimaw, reborn by the darkest power, slaughtered the warriors, he is slowly killing the Baganis one by one, but thanks to the prayers from the rest of the Sansinukob, the Baganis and the warriors have resurrected and at long last, the Baganis finally vanquished Sarimaw once and for all.

In the end, Sarimaw is under the hands of Bathala and as Bathala explained that love is the ultimate weapon of all, Sarimaw forgives as he stands with Bathala for what's next in Sansinukob and themselves.

With peace returned in Sansinukob, the clans are back to their normal lives as Dumakulem celebrated with his family and his clan, Lakam greatly seeing his Ama beginning his new lease in life, Lakas and Ganda had a family, and in a rather surprise ending, Liksi got transported to another time and encountered someone who looked like Lakas and Ganda. This concludes the mythical tale of Bagani.

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