Monday, November 19, 2018

Doctor Who S11E07

The recent episode of Doctor Who puts a terrifying meaning to retail as The Doctor and her companions are going deeper to the galaxy's biggest retail and find out what's going on.

Having received a mysterious message from the package, The Doctor and her companions are investigating the galaxy's biggest retail, known as Kerblam!, posing as workers, and what they find in the underbelly of Kerblam! is more than what they're expecting.

This is the first time in history we get to see the title of the episode that ends with an exclamation point and believe it or not, the opening sequence of the episode gave us the jive because of the fez. Yes, Doctor, it's still you but still, fezzes are cool. 

However, no time to get awed over the fez because what this episode expresses is the horrifying future where robots taking over humans (almost) in the workforce and it's hard to imagine what life be as shown in this episode when it happens in the coming years.

Technology in the workforce. If it gets too much, there can be some fatal consequences more deadly than the Kerblam! bubble wrap from the episode.


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