Terms of use

Of course since my blog is made for the purpose of fun and enjoyment, there are rules you should consider. Here are the rules before roaming around on my site:

1) Use of profanity is prohibited.

2) Posting spam comments is prohibited.

3) The search engine is made for searching keywords. Never put a question such as what, where, will there be, when, how, why, and any forms of questions because when I checked those queries on "STATS", I'm getting irritated when you visitors put a question mark on your search query that redirects to my blog post. Please, don't use questions as search queries. Please refrain for using questions as search queries. Ask questions on the SHOUTBOX to the right side of my blog.

4) Please refrain from using http://images.search.yahoo.com/ because once I checked on it and if I click on it, it will redirect me to an unrelated site. Use only Google to search for images that not only is enjoyable but redirecting me to my blog.

5) Please refrain from searching car manuals/user manuals/user guidebook/instructional booklet on my site because I don't have any of these. Please search it on somewhere else, not on Leopaul's blog to everything.

6) Please refrain from Google searching my name, Leopaul del Rosario, because when I checked on Webmaster Tools or STATS and if I see my name on it, I would be highly degraded. Please don't even try to Google search my name, OK?

7) If you are asking what is the song played on a car commercial you saw, please comment it on either my post or at the SHOUTBOX. Google searching it can be a drastic headache to me!

8) Please refrain from using keywords unrelated to my site. For instance, you're looking for "hentai", well, you've come to a wrong place my friend. This is not the place you are looking for!

9) It's okay to notify me if I had erratum or error on my blog post such as grammar or spelling mistakes. If there's something wrong, notify me via e-mail, my Facebook page, or my Twitter account. Spam not welcome!

10) I do not provide audio downloads such as anime soundtracks, game soundtracks, movie soundtracks, and others on my site! If you are looking for some audio downloads, you've came to the wrong place! Go find somewhere else!

11) Leopaul's blog to everything is a blog page, not a forum. If you were asking for "car problems", just ask it to the SHOUTBOX instead of Google searching it. Everyday when I checked on stats and when I see (name of car) problems, that's how we got a problem. You're turning it into a forum! Please refrain from doing that. Use the SHOUTBOX as a forum instead!

12) You're from Philippines right? And you're looking for a "price list" of cars offered in the Philippines? Well, sorry, I don't provide you a "price list" on "Leopaul's blog to everything" because I am not working on a certain car dealer in the Philippines. Please search the price list from someone else, not from mine!

13) Please don't put search queries that are "very rude" such as a gagged photo of your favorite character or a very smelly celebrity. Please don't do that because you're hurting them. Refrain from doing that kind of rude behavior!

14) I cannot provide YouTube videos of latest episodes of your favorite shows. I am very sorry, you're heading the wrong page. I don't have YouTube videos of latest episodes of your favorite shows.

15) I do not provide Mediafire links, Filesonic links, Megaupload links, and any other forms. Sorry but this is not what you're looking for in my blog. Go away.

16) I do not provide videos that are too "porn" or "xxx" or "nude". I also do not provide pics that are very "xxx". Sorry, it's our policy. No porn stuff in my blog, we're maintaining to be 99% clean, so please, I don't want to see such stupid queries that contains the word "xxx" or any other kinds. Please, I don't have what you're looking for.

17) Sorry. No tattoos are featured on this blog!

18) Please refrain from saying "Difference between..." I am trying to keep this blog safe from morons who are ruining my blog, especially morons who DON'T KNOW HOW TO POST A COMMENT. I've been busy checking my website's stats and frankly I'm amazed. Usually, those idiots who visited my blog kept on saying "What is the difference between (keyword withheld) and (keyword withheld)." These were search terms and they're not comments. DON'T YOU KNOW HOW TO POST A COMMENT? Need myself to repeat what I just said? If you're asking questions, don't use the search engine. POST A COMMENT!!! Do you see the word "Post a comment" below? Guess you morons don't know how to scroll a page!!! Do you see a scroll bar? What?! You don't know what a scroll bar is? It's on the right you small-brain readers! You must be living in a cave or something and you don't know what a blog or computer or scroll bar or post a comment is!!!

19) You won't find any clubs in this website. Go away. If you're looking for (insert car name here) club, you've come at the wrong place.

These are the guidelines you should follow on Leopaul's blog to everything. I will update these guidelines on a occasional basis. Thank you.
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